Harald Moser

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A new method for generating and measuring active, reactive, and apparent power at power frequencies has been devised. It makes use of digital signal synthesis and discrete Fourier transform (DFT) evaluation based on a single master clock. This results in a significant reduction of synchronizing errors and thus in an uncertainty of only 2.5 10 6 (k = 1).
A new method for calibrating ac voltage waveforms based on measuring the difference relative to a synchronously synthesized waveform supplied from a programmable Josephson array is presented. In order to test the accuracy of this approach, the differences between two Josephson waveforms have been measured at the ±1.2-V level for frequencies up to 5 kHz. The(More)
We present a bi-functional surface emitting and surface detecting mid-infrared device applicable for gas-sensing. A distributed feedback ring quantum cascade laser is monolithically integrated with a detector structured from a bi-functional material for same frequency lasing and detection. The emitted single mode radiation is collimated, back reflected by a(More)