Harald Krottmaier

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Nowadays research and development activities are accompanied by an increasing focus on future user needs in the field of multimedia retrieval. The fast growing of multimedia data repositories is an undeniable fact, so specialized tools allowing storage, indexing and retrieval of multimedia content have to be developed, and in addition easy-to-use content(More)
Digital Libraries have been the subject of more than a decade of attention by researchers and developers, and yet in all this time the implementations have not matched the promises. By far the majority of systems have concentrated on content and provided limited or basic functions for users. In this article we offer a new look at what can be expected from a(More)
The PROBADO project is a research effort to develop Digital Library support for non-textual documents. The main goal is to contribute to all parts of the Digital Library workflow from content acquisition over semi-automatic indexing to search and presentation. PROBADO3D is a part of the PROBADO framework designed to support 3D documents, with a focus on the(More)
3 published and related material to the new published material. This task is difficult in the global world, but restricting the scope to a local environment will make the task manageable. It is obvious that bidirectional links are of great advantage in this application. In our environment we are going to create links from the newly published paper to(More)
Information overload is one of the biggest problems currently omnipresent in the word largest network, the Internet. No general solution exists therefore it is important to handle this problem at least in certain areas. Large collections of articles are available to the users of the Internet. Since technology is very easy to handle for information(More)