Harald Kronberg

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Behind a beam-splitter in the illuminator, the irradiation of an area conjugated to the object plane is measured by a silicon photodiode and used as a reference signal. Analog division of the photomulitplier signal by this reference acts like stabilizing the light source by a factor greater than 25. A technical realization of the optical and electronical(More)
Based on results on central chemosensitivity in cats, paired stimuli were applied for therapy to infants with central respiratory insufficiency of various degrees. An unspecific respiratory stimulus, e.g. light for 1 s, was followed by a jet of either O2 or 2% CO2 in O2 for 1.5 s. The unspecific and the chemical stimuli were interspaced by 0.5 s. The(More)
A new method for the analysis of the specific activity of amino acids is described. The analysis is carried out by thin-layer chromatography of the dansylated amino acids, computerized fluorescence evaluation and activity measurement by quantitative autoradiography. Quantitative evaluation of the autoradiographs is achieved by careful calibration of the(More)
We describe the design principles of a photometric flatbed scanner with a scan area of 250 X 250 mm2, a dynamic range of 4000 gray levels, a signal/noise ratio of 2000/1, a step size of 0.1 mm, and a step frequency of 2000 steps per second. It is controlled by a microcomputer and used to acquire data for quantitative evaluation of gels or chromatograms. The(More)
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