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The effects of large doses of methylprednisolone (MP) (30 mg per kg. b.w.) in patients with lung contusion following blunt chest trauma were studied in 10 patients selected at random and compared with 10 chest trauma patients receiving no steroids, but otherwise treated in the same way. All patients survived. Serious post-traumatic complications were(More)
Follow-up studies were carried out in 1962, 1977, and 1981 on 35% or 943 or our 2690 patients operated upon from 1950 through 1981 for lumbar disc herniation. Seven hundred and twenty-four were done with and 1848 without spinal fusion. There were 11.2% operative, 8.3% postoperative and 18.9% late complications. Sepsis occurred in 2 patients (0.2%).(More)
A Web application example 15 B Scanner result overview 16 Abstract There are a wide range of tools available to assist penetration testing and security assessment of web applications. This study gives insight into the effectiveness of time spent using vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools. We selected a subset of the available tools and(More)
Lumbar disc herniation was treated by percutaneous discectomy using a new instrument for automatic aspiration and cutting of disc material. The inclusion criteria were limited to patients with pure disc herniation without stenosis or any other additional factors. Only contained hernias with a maximum size of 50% of the thecal sac were included. Three(More)
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