Harald Hoppe

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  • Charles Owens, Gretta Mae Ferguson, Martin Hermenau, Eszter Voroshazi, Yulia Galagan, Birger Zimmermann +15 others
  • 2015
We report on the degradation of organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells in both indoor and outdoor environments. Eight different research groups contributed state of the art OPV cells to be studied at Pomona College. Power conversion efficiency and fill factor were determined from IV curves collected at regular intervals over six to eight months. Similarly(More)
The influence of crystallinity on exciton diffusion and fullerene distribution was investigated by blending amorphous and semicrystalline copolymers. We measured exciton diffusion and fluorescence quenching in such blends by dispersing fullerene molecules into them. We find that the diffusion length is more than two times higher in the semicrystalline(More)
Computer- and robot-based systems to support interventions become more and more important in modem surgery. In general these systems provide methods to plan an intervention pre-operatively and to execute it with support from a autonomous robot-system. Due to the principle restriction of a robot to comparatively simple work steps, there are some complex work(More)