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In this paper we describe how knowledge management and software process support can be integrated to improve the efficiency of virtual software teams. Virtual software development teams work on a common project using the Internet as their basic means of communication. Examples of virtual software development projects are open source projects or large scale(More)
between project entities. O ne strategy for reducing time-to-market in software development is to deploy globally dispersed teams in concurrent work. This distributed development process requires flexible coordination and control to channel the work into a single, consistent system release. Several technologies have been developed to support distributed(More)
Knowledge work processes consist of interleaved agile, weakly-structured processes and strictly-structured processes. Knowledge management approaches for weakly-structured, ad-hoc knowledge work processes need to be lightweight, i.e., they cannot rely on high upfront modeling effort. However, approaches for business processoriented knowledge management(More)
This paper discusses how a process-centered knowledge management and coordination support approach can be used to create learning software organizations. We describe our extensions to the software engineering environment MILOS that allow us to model and interpret information needs that occur during project planning and enactment; this enables MILOS to(More)
Coordinating distributed processes, especially engineering and software design processes, has been a research topic for some time now. Several approaches have been published that aim at coordinating large projects in general, and large software development processes in specific. However, most of these approaches focus on the technical part of the design(More)
This report summarizes presentations and discussions of the IEEE WETICE 2003 Workshop on Knowledge Management for Distributed Agile Processes. The main goals of the workshop were to bring together practitioners and researchers from the areas of Knowledge Management and Agile Processes from different domains to discuss the current state of ongoing research(More)