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In recent years, supply and demand of streaming applications via the Internet (e.g., video-on-demand, live TV coverage, video conferencing) have increased. The idea behind streaming Internet services is to avoid a time-consuming download, and instead, make the user view streaming content in real-time without delay. However, today’s Internet traffic is(More)
Within the past few years, the variety of real-time multimedia streaming services on the Internet has grown steadily. Performance of streaming services is very sensitive to traffic congestion and results very often in poor service quality on today’s best effort Internet. Reasons include the lack of any traffic prioritization mechanisms on the network level(More)
A representative market study was carried out to determine the penetration of electronic business in Swiss companies. A random sample was used in which companies were classified by industry and size, thus allowing a systematic extrapolation. We illustrate the importance of information technology for the electronic business by the numbers of computers in use(More)
Recent years have seen a rapid expansion of electronic trading over the Internet. A wide range of different business models is being used in this process, including auctions, E-Malls and ECommunities. Until now, the existing systems focus on selling from the original producer / issuer to the end consumer. But there are other markets, which are for reselling(More)
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