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A study was undertaken to define the mode of inheritance of idiopathic epilepsy in Labrador retrievers in Switzerland. Seven hundred and ninety-two pedigree certificates from a population of healthy and epileptic dogs from 11 generations were evaluated. Forty-four different families (giving a total of 55 epileptic dogs) were included. Most patients showed(More)
The mechanism and clinical relevance of the inhibitory effect of ciprofloxacin on the metabolism of selected drugs were studied in patients with bacterial infections. In study A, antipyrine tests were carried out in two groups of patients taking 1000 mg (group 1) and 250 mg (group 2) of oral ciprofloxacin for 7-10 days. Antipyrine was given intravenously in(More)
Distribution by serogroup, phage type, colicin production, colicin type, sensitivity to antibiotics and plasmid characteristics of 74 Escherichia coli and 11 Klebsiella strains isolated from hospitalized patients receiving prolonged antibiotic therapy indicated that the infections were not associated with the hospital environment. Resistance was tested to(More)