Harald Fuchs

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The application of nanotechnology concepts to medicine joins two large cross-disciplinary fields with an unprecedented societal and economical potential arising from the natural combination of specific achievements in the respective fields. The common basis evolves from the molecular-scale properties relevant to the two fields. Local probes and molecular(More)
The capability of some natural molecular building blocks to self-organize into defined supramolecular architectures is a versatile tool for nanotechnological applications. Their site-selective integration into a technical context, however, still poses a major challenge. RNA-directed self-assembly of tobacco mosaic virus-derived coat protein on immobilized(More)
This Account describes a new paradigm, Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) patterning, for large-area patterning with mesostructured features based on the well-established LB technique. This strategy uses a simple fabrication technique to control the alignment, size, shape, and periodicity of self-organized phospholipid monolayer patterns with feature sizes down to 100(More)
We report the controllability of the complexity of surface-supported supramolecular assembly on metal surfaces. By introducing mismatch between the molecular packing and the surface atomic periodicity in the systems with comparable strength of intermolecular and molecule-substrate interactions, a homomolecular assembly exhibiting two-dimensional multilevel(More)
The interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter can be controlled by structuring the matter on the scale of the wavelength of light, and various photonic components have been made by structuring materials using top-down or bottom-up approaches. Dip-pen nanolithography is a scanning-probe-based fabrication technique that can be used to deposit materials(More)
The formation of organic nitrates and secondary organic aerosol (SOA) were monitored during the NO3 + limonene reaction in the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR at Research Center Jülich. The 24-h run began in a purged, dry, particle-free chamber and comprised two injections of limonene and oxidants, such that the first experiment measured SOA yield in(More)
We report on a novel approach to realize on-chip microlasers, by applying highly localized and material-saving surface functionalization of passive photonic whispering gallery mode microresonators. We apply dip-pen nanolithography on a true three-dimensional structure. We coat solely the light-guiding circumference of pre-fabricated poly(methyl(More)
Cross-sectional views of mature regions of Balbiani Ring (BR) transcription loops were reconstructed by electron microscope tomography. Balsa wood models were built based upon the resulting tomograms. Coordinates of the centers of the ribonucleoprotein BR granules were estimated and employed to calculate the approximate orientation of the BR transcription(More)