Harald Fischer

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We have compared the functional properties of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) within both somatic and presynaptic domains of superior cervical ganglion (SCG) neurones from wild-type (WT) mice with those expressed by SCG neurones from mice with a targeted deletion of the gene for the alpha5-subunit. The functional profile of somatic nAChRs was(More)
The slowly adapting abdominal stretch receptors of Orconectes limosus (RAF) have been investigated morphologically; 1. Despite their variety of size and shape all slowly adapting receptor neurons show common characteristic features which in addition distinguish them clearly from the fast adapting receptor neuron type SN2. The slightly globular cells have(More)
(1) In the isolated mammalian heart (rabbit, cat, dog) electrically induced ventricular fibrillation is stopped in practically 100% of the cases by adenosin-triphosphoric acid (ATP) in doses of 0.25–20 mg, and the normal rhythm of the heart is permanently restored (as far as the experiment extends). (2) This effect of ATP follows from a primary blocking,(More)
3 self made monoclonal antibodies are tested with the indirect immunofluorescence method for the immunologic diagnostic of the circulating lymphocytes from 24 chronic lymphatic leukaemia (CLL) and 14 leukaemic Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) patients. In comparison, investigations were done with various specific rabbit antibody F(ab)2 fragments and antisera. The(More)