Harald Essig

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OBJECTIVE Water jet dissection is currently under investigation as a new tool for use in neurosurgical procedures. The safety of this instrument has already been demonstrated. However, precise data demonstrating highly accurate tissue dissection in the brain in combination with vessel preservation are still missing. METHODS In this study, 50 porcine(More)
Bone has exceptional regenerative properties. Oral bone appears to be particularly resistant to infection despite exposure to oral flora, even in circumstances such as oral surgery where the thin mucosal layer covering the bone is disrupted. The goal of this study was to determine whether the innate immune system of antimicrobial peptides exists inside(More)
The key elements for bioartificial bone formation in 3D matrices are large numbers of osteogenic cells and supplies of oxygen and nutrition. Vascularization becomes more important with the increasing size and complexity of seeded scaffolds required for clinical application in reconstructive craniomaxillofacial surgery. Prefabrication of vascularized(More)
PURPOSE Computer-assisted surgery is used for decision making, treatment, and quality control throughout the reconstruction process of unilateral midface defects. The current approaches exploit the symmetry of the face by mirroring the intact side on the defect side using various segmentation methods. All commercially available implementations, however, are(More)
A subacute experiment was undertaken for 14 days. The results obtained from these studies suggest that: 1) unless a highly Jimson weed seed contaminated feed is ingested (greater than 0.09% of body weight) or force fed, death should be a rare consequence of Jimson weed seed contamination; 2) Jimson weed seed toxicity in cattle as a result of feed(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of orbital wall reconstruction is to reestablish anatomically exact orbital volumes to avoid long-term complications. Navigation could facilitate complex reconstructions. METHODS Quality of the orbital reconstruction (n=94) was measured based on (A) volume changes and (B) on 3D shape deviations compared to the unaffected side. Volume(More)
OBJECTIVES Reconstruction of large mandiblular defects following ablative oncologic surgery could be done by using vascularized bone transfer or, more often, primarily with simultaneous or delayed bone grafting, using load bearing reconstruction plates. Bending of these reconstruction plates is typically directed along the outer contour of the original(More)
Preformed orbital reconstruction plates are useful for treating orbital defects. However, intraoperative errors can lead to misplaced implants and poor outcomes. Navigation-assisted surgery may help optimize orbital reconstruction. We aimed to explore whether navigation-assisted surgery is more predictable than traditional orbital reconstruction for optimal(More)
In airgun injuries, the removal of the projectile is often recommended. The material properties of airgun projectiles make it difficult to determine their precise anatomical location using conventional radiological techniques. Conventional X-rays give only a two-dimensional representation of projectiles and do not allow a foreign object to be located(More)
Clinical signs, gross and histologic necropsy findings and dose response curves of 4-methylimidazole (4-MI) were determined in young Holstein calves. Three-day-old Holstein bull calves were given an oral dose of 0,25,50,100,200 or 400 mg 4-MI/kg body weight. Acute clinical signs were hypersalivation, mouth chomping, diarrhea, muscle fasciculations, tremors,(More)