Harald Berthelsen

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Ž . Behaviour and use of the cage area were studied in 96 rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus kept in an enriched cage system — with access to shelter and raised height at the back of the cage — and in a conventional cage system to estimate the effects of the environmental enrichment on the rabbits’ welfare. The rabbits’ behaviour and placement in the cage were(More)
Five different bicarbonate-based continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) solutions (pH: 7.0-7.4; bicarbonate: 10-27 mM; lactate: 20.8-6.7 mM) were produced in order to examine the cytotoxic effects of the different compositions. The migratory capacity of normal human polymorphonuclear (PMN) granulocytes after exposure to the solutions was used as a(More)
The development of speech technology could play an important role in the maintenance and preservation of minority languages, especially where the population of native speakers are dwindling. This paper outlines the efforts within the WISPR project, to develop annotated spoken corpora along with some of the prerequisites for the synthesis of Irish (Gaelic).(More)
Developing speech technology such as text-tospeech (TTS), requiring as it does a raft of phonetic and linguistic resources, can provide a powerful way to document endangered languages. Drawing on the experience of the ABAIR initiative, developing such resources for Irish [1], we illustrate how both the technology and the underpinning resources can be(More)
We present a web-based TTS facility, which will eventually provide for the major dialects of Irish. It, along with an ancillary toolkit of language resources, is increasingly being exploited in diverse teaching/learning environments. Further synthesis-based interactive educational platforms are described which are geared to specific learning tasks. These(More)
Unit selection is a data-driven approach to speech synthesis that concatenates pieces of recorded speech from a large database in order to create novel sentences. Many corpora are available in the English language, including the Arctic database [1], which allows a user to create small, reliable speech synthesisers using only a small set of recorded(More)
We present WikiSpeech, an ambitious joint project aiming to (1) make open source text-to-speech available through Wikimedia Foundation’s server architecture; (2) utilize the large and active Wikipedia user base to achieve continuously improving text-to-speech; (3) improve existing and develop new crowdsourcing methods for text-to-speech; and (4) develop new(More)
This work aims to improve text-to-speech synthesis for Wikipedia by advancing and implementing models of prosodic prominence. We propose a new system architecture with explicit prominence modeling and test the first component of the architecture. We automatically extract a phonetic feature related to prominence from the speech signal in the ARCTIC corpus.(More)
1. The inhibition by the divalent cations magnesium, barium and strontium and the trivalent ion lanthanum of the Na(+) -K+ pump in the plasma membrane of rat peritoneal mast cells was studied in pure mast cell populations by measurement of the ouabain-sensitive uptake of the radioactive potassium analogue, 86rubidium (86Rb+). 2. Exposure of the cells to(More)