Harald Bastiaanse

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The issue of why there are round numbers has generally been analyzed using angles dealing with a variety of psychological and practical/strategic considerations (eg Dehaene and Mehler (1992), Wilson and Sperber (2002)). Expanding on a point made by Krifka (2007, p7-8), this paper uses elementary techniques from Bayesian statistics and game theory to reveal(More)
<lb>This paper provides a principled answer to the question of how to<lb>deal with conflicting default rules. It does so in two ways: semantically<lb>within a circumscriptive theory, and syntactically by supplying an<lb>algorithm for inheritance networks. Arguments that can be expressed<lb>in both frameworks are valid on the circumscriptive account if(More)
This paper addresses the question whether and under which<lb>conditions hearers take into account the perspective of the speaker, and vice<lb>versa. Distinguishing between speaker meaning and hearer meaning, empirical evidence from computational modeling, psycholinguistic experimentation and<lb>corpus research is presented which suggests that literal(More)
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