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For statistical analyses in cancer cytogenetics, the genomic changes encoded by the karyotype must be translated into numerical codes. We developed a program, which extracts chromosomal gains and losses as well as breakpoints from the karyotype. The changes are compiled in tables according to the chromosome bands involved and/or depicted in projection to(More)
1. Four acid hydrolases are partially sedimentable from cell free extracts of tobacco seedlings; these enzymes have the following pH-optima: acid protease pH 3,5; acid RNase pH 6,2; acid phosphatase pH 5,4 and 5,8 and acid unspecific esterase pH 5,5. 2. After differential centrifugation of cell free extracts the sedimentable hydrolases are recovered in the(More)
The analysis of complex cytogenetic databases of distinct leukaemia entities may help to detect rare recurring chromosome aberrations, minimal common regions of gains and losses, and also hot spots of genomic rearrangements. The patterns of the karyotype alterations may provide insights into the genetic pathways of disease progression. We developed a(More)
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