Harald B. Haraldsson

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The application of the mean shift algorithm to color image segmentation has been proposed in 1997 by Comaniciu and Meer. We apply the mean shift color segmentation to image sequences, as the first step of a moving object segmentation algorithm. Previous work has shown that it is well suited for this task, because it provides better temporal stability of the(More)
This paper analyzes the performance of crane operators when they are aided by an input shaping controller. The research compares an operator’s ability to maneuver a crane through an obstacle course when the crane is operated locally to when it is operated telerobotically through the internet. This paper also studies the effect that course difficulty has on(More)
This research proposes a framework for reconstructing an image of high dynamic range and high spatial resolution from a sequence of multi sampled images. In the framework, there are two key issues: robust motion estimation and appropriate measurement discarding for reconstruction. An approach to increase the robustness of motion estimation for a multi(More)
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