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To investigate the possible involvement of the BRCA1 gene in Japanese sporadic breast cancer we have analyzed loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at the BRCA1 region (17q12-q22) in 101 sporadic breast cancers using 5 microsatellite markers, such as D17S250, D17S846, D17S855, D17S579, and NME1. The frequency of LOH in each markers was 14.9%(11/74), 11.9(More)
A '2+1' pulse sequence electron spin echo (ESE) method was applied to measure the dipole interactions between the tyrosine YD+ and QA- in Photosystem II (PS II). In a CN--treated PS II, QA- EPR signal was observed at g=2.0045 position, because the non-heme Fe(II) was converted into a low-spin (S=0) state. The radical pair of YD+QA- was trapped by(More)
  • Akin - Ponnle, Ponnle, Falaki, Hara, Kuwano
  • 2014
Abstract— A vibration based two-electrode electretcantilever MEMS micro-power generator was set up in which an electret was used as an electrostatic inducing generator; and the upper electrode was in form of a cantilever fabricated from materials of copper with embedded glass epoxy, and vibrated in the vertical direction. Two cantilever shapes – A-shape and(More)
A controlled randomized trial was conducted to compare the effectiveness of a CAF therapy including cyclophosphamide (CPA), adriamycin (ADR) and 5-fluorouracil (5FU) with that of CAF plus medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) therapy including CPA, ADR and 5FU plus MPA for the treatment of liver metastases from breast cancer. A total of 34 patients with(More)
The procedure of aspiration biopsy cytology by fine needle aspiration (ABC) is as option in establishing definitive diagnoses for breast cancers. In this series, a needle size of 21G was considered most suitable for ABC as well as flow cytometric DNA analysis. Histograms from fresh samples aspirated by fine needle clearly delineated a sharp peak in(More)
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