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Preparation and Properties of Uniform Coated Inorganic Colloidal Particles
  • Haq, Matijević
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of colloid and interface science
  • 1 November 1988
Uniformly coated particles were obtained when dispersions of colloidal ellipsoidal hematite in manganese(II) 2,4-pentanedionate (MP), manganese(II) methoxide (MMO), and manganese sulfate/urea (MSU)Expand
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Higher-order correlations in spectra of complex systems.
The presence and significance of three- and four-level correlation effects in nuclear spectra are demonstrated for the first time. New ways to study two-level properties are also presented. AgreementExpand
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Impacts of Thai silver barb (Puntius gonionotus Bleeker) inclusion in the polyculture of carps
The impact of inclusion of Thai silver barb, Puntius gonionotus (Bleeker) in the polyculture with two major Indian carps viz., Labeo rohita, Catla catla and common carp Cyprinus carpio has beenExpand
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Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in relation toenvironmental factors in the Maheshkhali channel, Cox'sBazar, Bangladesh
In total 68 phytoplankton species were identified at the mouth of the Maheshkhali channel with the Bay of Bengal, among them 41 belong to Bacillariophyceae, 17 Dinophyceae, 7 Cyanophyceae and 3 toExpand
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Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of formaldehyde synthesis on Cu(110).
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Diurnal periodicity and dispersal of Coconut mite, Aceria guerreronis Keifer
Investigation on biology and behaviour of the coconut mite, Aceria guerreronis, in situ revealed mass migration of the individuals from concealed meristematic zone of the infested nuts under theExpand
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Chemical Profile and Heavy Metal Concentration in Water and Freshwater Species of Rupsha River, Bangladesh
The present study was undertaken to evaluate the chemical profile of the water and to determine heavy metal concentrations in water and muscles of certain freshwater fish and crayfish species ofExpand
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Oribatid mites from coconut palms. 4. A new species of Siculobata (Acari: Oribratei) from Kerala, India
This paper provides the taxonomic description of a new species of Siculobata, S. malabarica n. sp., collected from the green foliage of coconut palms cultivated at different localities of Kerala,Expand
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Was low CO 2 a driving force of C 4 evolution : Arabidopsis responses to long-term low CO 2 stress
The responses of long-term growth of plants under elevated CO2 have been studied extensively. Comparatively, the responses of plants to subambient CO2 concentrations have not been well studied. ThisExpand
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