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Business applications are subject to changes with technology trends or market demands. However, quick response to these changes is still a challenging issue. Most of the existing architectures (e.g., CORBA, Web Services) still expose the developers to excessive low-level details and force a tight coupling between program modules. For end users, developing,(More)
Many digital libraries are built with a solution-based approach in which components are tightly coupled that makes them difficult to reuse when adapting to new application requirements. In this paper, we propose a generic, service-oriented platform called VegaDLib for building digital libraries in a modular, customizable, and standard-based way. This(More)
In this article, a model migration strategy based on subspace separation is proposed for process monitoring by taking advantage of common information between an old process and a new process. Firstly, a global basis vector is extracted and deemed to enclose the cross-set similar correlations. Then two different subspaces are separated from each other in the(More)
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