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The emerging of ubiquitous computing technologies in recent years has given rise to a new field of research consisting in incorporating context-aware preference querying facilities in database systems. One important step in this setting is the Preference Elicitation task which consists in providing the user ways to inform his/her choice on pairs of objects(More)
Ag2O/TiO2 nanobelt heterostructures have been found to possess high ultraviolet photocatalytic activity, but a poor cycling performance. After a S-doping treatment, the obtained Ag2O/Ag2S2O7/TiO2 heterostructured nanobelts exhibited an enhanced and stable photocatalytic activity under both ultraviolet and visible light irradiation, which was exemplified by(More)
The recent discovery of flexible graphene monolayers has triggered extensive research interest for the development of III-V/graphene functional hybrid heterostructures. In order to fully exploit their enormous potential in device applications, it is essential to optimize epitaxial growth for the precise control of nanowire geometry and density. Herein, we(More)
We report the experimental observation and theoretical explanation of an unconventional interplay between divalent Co and trivalent Y dopants, both of which incur oxygen vacancies in the CeO2 host that has predominantly tetravalent Ce cations. The Co dopant atoms were experimentally found to act as a switch that turns on the dormant effect of Y-modulated(More)
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