Haoyang Zhang

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This letter reports an electrospraying-based printing system developed with high-precision on-off control, which has the merits of anti-clog printing, maskless patterning, and precise control. Silver-colloid-based ink was used to directly print on glass or aluminum foil substrates just like a dip-pen. The minimum silver line width could reach 30μm,(More)
An embedded monitoring network system is based on the visual principle of compound eye, which meets the acquirements in field angle, detecting efficiency, and structural complexity of panoramic monitoring network. Three fixed wide-angle cameras are adopted as sub-eyes, and a main camera is installed on a high-speed platform. The system ensures the(More)
We address the problem of object segment proposal generation, which is a critical step in many instance-level semantic segmentation and scene understanding pipelines. In contrast to prior works that predict binary segment masks from images, we take an alternative refinement approach to improve the quality of a given segment candidate pool. In particular, we(More)
Sensitivity analysis is an important tool to describe power system dynamic behavior in response to parameter variations. It is a central component in preventive and corrective control applications. The existing approaches for sensitivity calculations, namely, finite-difference and forward sensitivity analysis, require a computational effort that increases(More)
This paper presents a context-aware object proposal generation method for stereo images. Unlike existing methods which mostly rely on image-based or depth features to generate object candidates, we propose to incorporate additional geometric and high-level semantic context information into the proposal generation. Our method starts from an initial object(More)
In this paper, we develop a facile strategy for fabricating a yolk-shell structured catalytic system that consists of a core made of Ru supported on mesoporous carbon, which is encaged within a silica shell that has ordered radial mesochannels. A region-selective etching mechanism for the formation of the yolk-shell nanoarchitectures is proposed based on(More)
Part-based visual model is particularly useful when the target appearance undergoes partial occlusion or deformation. The existing reliable patches tracking (RPT) method has achieved better result by identifying and exploiting the reliable patches that can be tracked correctly, yet it tends to fail in some challenging scenes since it ignores the holistic(More)
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