Haoyang Wu

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—A high-performance interconnection between a host processor and FPGA accelerators is in much demand. Among various interconnection methods, a PCIe bus is an attractive choice for loosely coupled accelerators. Because there is no standard host-FPGA communication library, FPGA developers have to write significant amounts of PCIe related code at both the FPGA(More)
The rapid growth in the resources and processing power of FPGA has made it more and more attractive as accelerator platforms. Due to its high performance, the PCIe bus is the preferred interconnection between the host computer and loosely-coupled FPGA accelerators. To fully utilize the high performance of PCIe, developers have to write significant amount of(More)
The position of the Zoraptera remains one of the most challenging and uncertain concerns in ordinal-level phylogenies of the insects. Zoraptera have been viewed as having a close relationship with five different groups of Polyneoptera, or as being allied to the Paraneoptera or even Holometabola. Although rDNAs have been widely used in phylogenetic studies(More)
The importance of software-defined radio (SDR) continues to increase. However, existing SDR platforms become less efficient as the wireless industry moves towards Gigabit WiFi. In this work, we propose a novel reconfigurable SDR platform named GRT. With the help of reconfigurable architecture and corresponding software support, SDR designs on GRT can(More)
Erthesina fullo (Thunberg, 1783) is an economically important heteropteran species in China. Since only three nucleotide sequences of this species (COI, 16S rRNA, and 18S rRNA) appear in the GenBank database so far, no analysis of the molecular mechanisms underlying E. fullo's resistance to insecticide and environmental stress has been accomplished. We(More)
The revelation principle is a fundamental theorem in many economics fields. In this paper, we construct a simple labor model to show that a social choice function which can be implemented costly in Bayesian Nash equilibrium may not be truthfully implementable. The key point is the strategy cost condition given in Section 4: each agent pays cost when(More)
—The ongoing mobile Internet revolution calls for quick adoptions of new wireless communication and networking technologies. To enable such fast innovations, a software-defined platform is needed to validate and refine new algorithms, protocols, and architectures in communications and networking. Unfortunately, no current systems can meet both requirements(More)