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Based on the theory of Phase Gradient autofocus on airborne SAR, an improved algorithm for reducing the Phase Gradient autofocus computation is provided in this paper. According to the image contrast criterion, some isolated stronger scatters for estimation phase errors are chosen, and then a new way to select windows width is developed, which can(More)
The newly proposed video coding standard H.264/AVC by JVT can achieve much higher efficiency than previous standards. Unfortunately this comes at a cost in greatly increased complexity at the encoder mainly due to Motion estimation (ME) and inter /intra prediction block mode decision. In this paper, we propose a fast mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved rate-distortion (RD) optimized macroblock mode decision algorithm for temporal scalability video coding to increase reconstructed video quality under error conditions. After source-coding distortion and error propagated distortion values have been estimated and stored for each frame, a parameter used for temporal level(More)
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