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Bitter acids (α and β types) account for more than 30% of the fresh weight of hop (Humulus lupulus) glandular trichomes and are well known for their contribution to the bitter taste of beer. These multiprenylated chemicals also show diverse biological activities, some of which have potential benefits to human health. The bitter acid biosynthetic pathway has(More)
Traffic archival, an indispensable task for network analysis, has suffered from a huge amount of data. These rapid growing data can exceed storage capacity and thwart real-time analysis. In order to take insight from Internet traffic, bitmap indexing is applied in this field. However, raw bitmap indexes can consume more space and longer delay for loading(More)
Copper is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development, and copper transporter plays a pivotal role for keeping copper homeostasis. However, little is known about copper transporters in wheat. Here, we report a novel copper transporter gene family, TaCT1, in common wheat. Three TaCT1 homoeologous genes were isolated and assigned to group 5(More)
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