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—With wide application of virtualization technology, tenants are able to access isolated cloud services by renting the shared resources in datacenters. Unlike resources such as CPU and memory, datacenter network, which relies on traditional transport-layer protocols, suffers unfairness due to a lack of VM-level network isolation. In this paper, we propose(More)
Consumer cloud storage (CCS) services have become popular among users for storing and synchronizing files via apps installed on their devices. A single CCS, however, has intrinsic limitations on networking performance, service reliability, and data security. To overcome these limitations, we present UniDrive, a CCS app that synergizes multiple CCSs(More)
—In recent years, Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft have been competing in the market of consumer cloud storage (CCS) services. While once the key comparative metric, storage capacity per user has outgrown the needs of most users. Today, third-party applications based on CCS's RESTful Web APIs are becoming a primary way for users to utilize their expanded(More)
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