Haowei Zhang

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Grey incidence model determines the closeness degree from the closeness and similarity of statistical sequencepsilas geometrical form. Traditional grey incidence model calculates statistical sequencepsilas correlation degree from the perspectives of its acreage, slope, changing velocity, etc. These incidence models have dual influences exerted by horizontal(More)
The effects of metallic ion (Al, Ti, or La) doping in HfO 2 or ZrO 2 on the behaviors of oxygen vacancies (V O) such as the formation energy, density of states, and migration energy were investigated by using first principles calculations. The calculations show that, 1) the doping causes an upward shift of deep V O levels; 2) dopant radius has a weak impact(More)
Cupin superfamily of proteins, including germin and germin-like proteins (GLPs) from higher plants, is known to play crucial roles in plant development and defense. To date, no systematic analysis has been conducted in soybean (Glycine max) incorporating genome organization, gene structure, expression compendium. In this study, 69 putative Cupin genes were(More)
Seed-size/weight traits, controlled by multiple genes in soybean, play an important role in determining seed yield. However, the molecular mechanisms controlling the seed size and weight in soybean remain unclear. In Arabidopsis, P450/CYP78A gene family has been proved extremely relevant to seed size (such as AtCYP78A5, AtCYP78A6 and AtCYP78A9). We found(More)
—Modern VLSI designs contain both micro-architecture parameters and implementation parameters. These can be used to facilitate verification and relaxed design specifications. We concentrate on extending prior work in understanding design parameterization and using those design knobs to make global optimizations. This paper discusses the application of(More)
Acupuncture relies on the use of fine needles being inserted into specific points with varying amounts of manual or external stimulation. The gate control theory states that acupuncture closes the gate to pain and blocks pain perception in the brain via stimulation of large nerve fibers. The particular research develops a mechanical manipulation of(More)
Multi-layer perceptron (MLP) neural network belongs to multi-layer feedforward neural network, and has the ability and characteristics of high intelligence. It can realize the complex nonlinear mapping by its own learning through the network. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness with high recurrence rate, high self-harm rate and high suicide rate.(More)
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