Haowei Zhang

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Leptin, a major regulator of body weight, was recently suggested to play a role in myoblasts. We conducted an experiment to determine whether leptin can influence the proliferation and differentiation of porcine skeletal myoblasts. Myoblasts occurred in non-leptin and leptin forms in various concentrations for various periods of cell states.(More)
Seed-size/weight traits, controlled by multiple genes in soybean, play an important role in determining seed yield. However, the molecular mechanisms controlling the seed size and weight in soybean remain unclear. In Arabidopsis, P450/CYP78A gene family has been proved extremely relevant to seed size (such as AtCYP78A5, AtCYP78A6 and AtCYP78A9). We found(More)
The GAP asymmetric synthesis of α,β-diamino acid derivatives has been achieved by reacting chiral N-phosphonyl imines with Ni(II)-complex of glycine ester-based enolate without the use of traditional purifications of chromatography and recrystallization. The successful control of synstereochemistry of vicinal diamino products complements our previous(More)
Plant VQ motif-containing protein family plays crucial roles in plant growth, seed development, and defense responses in Arabidopsis. However, its function in soybean is still not well defined. We aim to identify the VQ gene family, and explore the genetic variation of active GmVQ genes in soybean and their expression patterns under low nitrogen stresses. A(More)
Grey incidence model determines the closeness degree from the closeness and similarity of statistical sequencepsilas geometrical form. Traditional grey incidence model calculates statistical sequencepsilas correlation degree from the perspectives of its acreage, slope, changing velocity, etc. These incidence models have dual influences exerted by horizontal(More)
Cupin superfamily of proteins, including germin and germin-like proteins (GLPs) from higher plants, is known to play crucial roles in plant development and defense. To date, no systematic analysis has been conducted in soybean (Glycine max) incorporating genome organization, gene structure, expression compendium. In this study, 69 putative Cupin genes were(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Gene delivery into liver cancer cells has been a problem. This study aimed to understand the effect of using PEGI/Fe₃O₄ nanomagnetic fluid as a gene vector for liver cancer gene therapy. An AFP enhancer aids in the expression of tumor-specific foreign genes in AFP-producing cancer cells like HepG2 cells, and was utilized in the delivery(More)
In this paper, we propose a multi-channel convolutional neural network-long shortterm memory (CNN-LSTM) model that consists of two parts: multi-channel CNN and LSTM to analyze the sentiments of short English messages from Twitter. Unlike a conventional CNN, the proposed model applies a multi-channel strategy that uses several filters of different length to(More)
Acupuncture relies on the use of fine needles being inserted into specific points with varying amounts of manual or external stimulation. The gate control theory states that acupuncture closes the gate to pain and blocks pain perception in the brain via stimulation of large nerve fibers. The particular research develops a mechanical manipulation of(More)