Haotian Wu

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Akt2 overexpression correlates with chemoresistance of colorectal cancer (CRC). However, the cellular functions and precise signals elicited by Akt2 in LSCC have not been elucidated. Here, we transfected a CRC cell line HCT116 with Akt-2 targeted shRNA in order to establish a cell line with Akt2 knockdown. In vitro experiments showed that knockdown Akt2 in(More)
PURPOSE It is known that tibial diaphyseal fractures are often associated with the posterior malleolar fracture (PMF). There are a few studies on tibial shaft fractures with respect to posterior malleolus fracture. However, we found that the incidence of PMF was higher than the previously reported. METHODS A total of 288 tibial shaft fractures were(More)
Soil cadmium (Cd) contamination is attributable to many sources, among which the ceramic industry is probably an important contributor whose relationship will be explored in this study. Upon studying a town in southeastern China that is quite famous for its ceramics, we observed that the soil Cd distribution agreed with the local ceramic industry's(More)
Subtrochanteric femur fractures present significant treatment challenges. The deforming muscle forces make fracture reduction difficult. Treatment options include cephalomedullary nailing and various types of plate fixation. There is a high rate of treatment complications, including malunion, delayed union, nonunion, and implant failure.
Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a major cause of respiratory tract infections in children, elderly and immunocompromised hosts, for which no vaccine or treatment are currently available. Oxidative stress and inflammatory responses represent important pathogenic mechanism(s) of hMPV infection. Here, we explored the potential protective role of dietary(More)
In recent years, there are many studies on controller of electronic parking brake (EPB). These studies develop EPB controller based on vehicle dynamic equation. However, few studies focus on the identification of driving intention and running condition. This paper extends the method to identify target value of parking brake during hill-start and designs a(More)
The dynamic demilitarized zone (DMZ) model considers both network performance and security, and dynamically responds to traffic demands in real-time. We realize this dynamic DMZ model based on an OpenFlow-enabled switch and controller. In our approach, the controller detects flows with bit rate greater than a given threshold (elephant flows) and controls(More)
Enhancing catalytic selectivity of supported metal nanoparticles with capping ligands is demonstrated using an Au/SiO(2) catalyst in liquid phase aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol. Chemisorption of an appropriate amount of polyvinylpyrrolidone on the Au/SiO(2) catalyst greatly enhances the benzaldehyde selectivity from 43% to ~100% and its yield from 4.9%(More)
Identifying objects of interest from a video sequence is a fundamental and essential part in many vision systems. A common method is to perform background subtraction. For automated surveillance systems, real-time background subtraction is especially important to ensure the performance of the systems. In this paper, we review various background subtraction(More)
During the last decade, the concept of cluster, has become a popular practice in the field of road safety, mainly for the identification of worst performing areas or time slots also known as hotspots. However, current clustering methods used to identify road accident hotspots suffer from various deficiencies at both theoretical and operational level, these(More)