Haotian Wu

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Akt2 overexpression correlates with chemoresistance of colorectal cancer (CRC). However, the cellular functions and precise signals elicited by Akt2 in LSCC have not been elucidated. Here, we transfected a CRC cell line HCT116 with Akt-2 targeted shRNA in order to establish a cell line with Akt2 knockdown. In vitro experiments showed that knockdown Akt2 in(More)
In each dimension N ≥ 3 and for each real number λ ≥ 1, we construct a family of complete rotationally symmetric solutions to Ricci flow on R N which encounter a global singularity at a finite time T. The singularity forms arbitrarily slowly with the curvature blowing up arbitrarily fast at the rate (T − t) −(λ+1). Near the origin, blow-ups of such a(More)
Male germ cells require multiple epigenetic reprogramming events during their lifespan to achieve reproductive capacity. An emerging body of compelling data demonstrates that environmental exposures can be embodied within the developing male germ cell as epigenetic marks. In turn, these epigenetic marks can impart information at fertilization to affect the(More)
Identifying objects of interest from a video sequence is a fundamental and essential part in many vision systems. A common method is to perform background subtraction. For automated surveillance systems, real-time background subtraction is especially important to ensure the performance of the systems. In this paper, we review various background subtraction(More)
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