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Most inhibitors of Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) target its ATP-binding pocket. It is difficult, however, to use this pocket to design very specific inhibitors because this catalytic pocket is highly conserved in the protein family of CDKs. Here we report some short peptides targeting a noncatalytic pocket near the interface of the CDK2/Cyclin complex.(More)
RNA-protein interactions occur in many biological processes. To understand the mechanism of these interactions one needs to know three-dimensional (3D) structures of RNA-protein complexes. 3dRPC is an algorithm for prediction of 3D RNA-protein complex structures and consists of a docking algorithm RPDOCK and a scoring function 3dRPC-Score. RPDOCK is used to(More)
The tele-operated virtual construction robot is an important part of the tele-operated construction robot system based on virtual reality. To improve the realness of the virtual construction robot and reduce the difficulty of development, the hybrid modeling method of combining OpenGL function modeling with Solidworks software modeling, along with the(More)
3dRPC is a computational method designed for three-dimensional RNA-protein complex structure prediction. Starting from a protein structure and a RNA structure, 3dRPC first generates presumptive complex structures by RPDOCK and then evaluates the structures by RPRANK. RPDOCK is an FFT-based docking algorithm that takes features of RNA-protein interactions(More)
In order to solve the problem of establishing the mathematic model for shield construction faults diagnosis, an approach to the mathematic model by using BP neural network is presented in this paper. The BP neural network model for diagnosing three familiar shield construction faults based on the data of shield excavation parameters was built. The inputs of(More)
We have developed a non-redundant protein-RNA binding benchmark dataset derived from the available protein-RNA structures in the Protein Database Bank. It consists of 73 complexes with measured binding affinity. The experimental conditions (pH and temperature) for binding affinity measurements are also listed in our dataset. This binding affinity dataset(More)
Computational prediction of RNA-protein complex 3D structures includes two basic steps: one is sampling possible structures and another is scoring the sampled structures to pick out the correct one. At present, constructing accurate scoring functions is still not well solved and the performances of the scoring functions usually depend on used benchmarks.(More)
Community-wide blind prediction experiments such as CAPRI and CASP provide an objective measure of the current state of predictive methodology. Here we describe a community-wide assessment of methods to predict the effects of mutations on protein-protein interactions. Twenty-two groups predicted the effects of comprehensive saturation mutagenesis for two(More)
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