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Hierarchical Porous Structured SiO2/SnO2 Nanofibrous Membrane with Superb Flexibility for Molecular Filtration.
The separation and purification of chemical molecules from organic media under harsh chemical environments are of vital importance in the fields of water treatment, biomedical engineering, andExpand
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A general strategy to fabricate soft magnetic CuFe2O4@SiO2 nanofibrous membranes as efficient and recyclable Fenton-like catalysts.
Fenton or Fenton-like technique, as one of the advanced oxidation processes, plays a significant role in the removal of non-easily degradable organic pollutants; however, most of such catalysts areExpand
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Novel Inorganic-Based N-Halamine Nanofibrous Membranes As Highly Effective Antibacterial Agent for Water Disinfection.
Novel superhydrophilic inorganic-based N-halamine nanofibrous membranes with high active chlorine contents, outstanding rechargeability, favorable water swelling resistance, and superior mechanicalExpand
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Brittle-flexible-brittle transition in nanocrystalline zirconia nanofibrous membranes
The study of nanocrystalline inorganic nanofibrous membranes (NINMs) with flexibility is one of the most active academic research areas in advanced functional nanofibrous materials. Nonetheless, theExpand
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Assembly of silica aerogels within silica nanofibers: towards a super-insulating flexible hybrid aerogel membrane
Silica aerogels (SA) have well been recognized as one of the most attractive thermal insulation materials, but the inherent brittleness and moisture sensitivity hinder wide applications of theseExpand
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Highly flexible, mesoporous structured, and metallic Cu-doped C/SiO2 nanofibrous membranes for efficient catalytic oxidative elimination of antibiotic pollutants.
The development of inorganic membranous catalysts with both large mesopores and superb flexibility is extremely favorable for the enhancement of their catalytic oxidation activity for the degradationExpand
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Free-standing zirconia nanofibrous membranes with robust flexibility for corrosive liquid filtration
Novel zirconia nanofibrous (ZNF) membranes with robust flexibility were prepared for the first time by a facile combination of electrospinning and sol–gel methods. By employing yttrium oxideExpand
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Polymer Template Synthesis of Flexible SiO2 Nanofibers to Upgrade Composite Electrolytes.
Flexible oxide ceramic films offer prospects to revolutionize diverse fields such as energy and electronics, but their fabrication methods are typically elaborate and cannot be expanded. Here, weExpand
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Flexible, mesoporous, and monodispersed metallic cobalt-embedded inorganic nanofibrous membranes enable ultra-fast and high-efficiency killing of bacteria
Abstract Severe emerging infectious diseases, deriving from the contamination of pathogenic bacteria, are threatening human’s survival and development. Metal-embedded inorganic porous material withExpand
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