Haorianto Cokrowijoyo Tjioe

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The query optimization phase in query processing plays a crucial role in choosing the most efficient strategy for executing a query. In this paper, we study an optimization technique for SQL-Nested queries using Hints. Hints are additional comments that are inserted into an SQL statement for the purpose of instructing the optimizer to perform the specified(More)
There is a growing need to combine traditional relational data with new object feature into one integrated systems called as object-relational database management system (ORBMS) (Dorsey and Hudicka, 1999; Taniar, Rahayu and Srivastava, 2003). ORBMS is built based on SQL3 model, which consist object data types, row types, collection and abstract data types(More)
The effort of data mining, especially in relation to association rules in real world business applications, is significantly important. Recently, association rules algorithms have been developed to cope with multidimensional data. In this paper we are concerned with mining association rules in data warehouses by focusing on its measurement of summarized(More)
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