Haoran Wu

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Text categorization or classification is the automated assigning of text documents to pre-defined classes based on their contents. This problem has been studied in information retrieval, machine learning and data mining. So far, many effective techniques have been proposed. However, most techniques are based on some underlying models and/or assumptions.(More)
Text classification using a small labeled set and a large unlabeled data is seen as a promising technique to reduce the labor-intensive and time consuming effort of labeling training data in order to build accurate classifiers since unlabeled data is easy to get from the Web. In [16] it has been demonstrated that an unlabeled set improves classification(More)
PURPOSE Refraction in the peripheral visual field is believed to play an important role in the development of myopia. The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in peripheral refraction among anisomyopia, isomyopia, and isoemmetropia for schoolchildren. METHODS Thirty-eight anisomyopic children were recruited and divided into two groups:(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the association between ocular sensory dominance and interocular refractive error difference (IRED). METHODS A total of 219 subjects were recruited. The refractive errors were determined by objective refraction with a fixation target located 6 meters away. 176 subjects were myopic, with 83 being anisometropic (IRED ≥ 0.75 D). 43(More)
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