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We describe a general strategy to fabricate a new type of nanoporous core/shell structured bimetallic nanocomposites with controllable metal components. Nanoporous copper (NPC) obtained by dealloying Cu/Al alloy is used as both reducing agent and three-dimensional substrate. Electron microscope and X-ray diffraction characterizations demonstrated that a(More)
Nanoporous copper (NPC) obtained by dealloying CuAl alloy is used as both three-dimensional template and reducing agent for the fabrication of nanoporous PdCu alloy with hollow ligaments by a simple galvanic replacement reaction with H(2)PdCl(4) aqueous solution. Electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction characterizations demonstrate that after the(More)
The hierarchical nanoporous (NP) PtFe alloy with multimodal size distributions is straightforwardly fabricated by means of mild de-alloying of the PtFeAl source alloy. This interesting NP structure consists of interconnected larger ligaments around hundreds of nanometers, in which these ligaments are also composed of the three-dimensional network structure(More)
A series of modified Ni-Zn bimetallic catalysts were prepared by depositing different kinds of 4 wt% metals (Ir, Pt, Au, Cu, Ag) on the Ni-Zn-Al hydrotalcite (NZAH) and tested in the selective hydrogenation of acetylene. The activity was enhanced by 3-fold over the 4 wt% Au/NZAH, meanwhile, the yield of C2H4 was also increased more than 4 times compared(More)
With the extensive study of dealloying, copper oxides have been shown to be important members and exhibit huge potential in catalysis, energy transformation and storage fields. In this work, nanostructured copper/copper oxide hybrids were prepared through dealloying the sintered Al85Cu15 alloy and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations as well as calculations(More)
In this study, nano-sized WO3 powder was dispersed into Co4Sb1.7Te0.3 thermoelectric matrix by ball milling and hot-press sintering technology. The results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that the WO3 phase distributed uniformly in the form of inclusions on the matrix. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) presented that the(More)
A nanoporous (NP) PdCo alloy with uniform structure size and controllable bimetallic ratio was fabricated simply by one-step mild dealloying of a PdCoAl precursor alloy. The as-made alloy consists of a nanoscaled bicontinuous network skeleton with interconnected hollow channels that extend in all three dimensions. With a narrow ligament size distribution(More)
Based on results of X-ray diffraction experiment, multirange fractal approach has been used to discuss the discontinuous microstructure changes of Sn melt. Partially-overlapping multirange fractal structure is observed, and as temperature decreases from 900˚C to 240˚C, low fractal dimension reveals discontinuous changes from 2.8682 to 2.4192,(More)
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