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In this paper, a model free based sliding mode control (MFSMC) is developed to realize the attitude control of a quadrotor whose model contains the system uncertainties and external disturbances. Firstly, a model free based intelligent PD controller (iPD) which contains time-delay estimation is designed. The problem is that although the proposed design of(More)
In this paper, a nonlinear observer based sliding mode control (NOSMC) approach for air-path in the diesel engine equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is introduced. We propose a less conservative observer design technique for Lipschitz nonlinear systems using Ricatti equations, which works for(More)
— In this paper, a fourth-order dimensional non-linear model is proposed for a diesel engine equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. The referred model which takes into account the engine crankshaft speed dynamics and the air-path dynamics is a non-minimum phase unstable system. The fuel flow rate W(More)
Based on the analysis of mathematical model of overhead crane, this research studys the control strategy of load's anti-swing and rapid locating by obtaining the angle of load with image sensor. Because of the sensor's image processing and transmission time, the angle signal arrived at controller is sampled and lags behind the current actual angle,(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive nonlinear control for trajectory tracking of non-affine nonlinear systems. The referred proposed controller which is based on a L<sub>2</sub> norm prescribed to minimize a trajectory tracking error has adaptive and optimal characters. Moreover with the systems output feedback, the proposed controller which dose not require(More)