Haoming Liu

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Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) associate with nuclei, cytoskeleton and membranes, and as molecular chaperones they bind partially denatured proteins, thereby preventing irreversible protein aggregation during stress. In the present study, the small heat shock proteins of Tegillarca granosa (Tg-sHSP) were identified from hemocytes by 3' and 5' rapid(More)
Recent studies suggest that the microprocessor (Drosha-DGCR8) complex can be recruited to chromatin to catalyze co-transcriptional processing of primary microRNAs (pri-miRNAs) in mammalian cells. However, the molecular mechanism of co-transcriptional miRNA processing is poorly understood. Here we find that HP1BP3, a histone H1-like chromatin protein,(More)
In this paper, the concept and system structure of the self-healing urban power grid (UPG) are presented. The proposed method has five operating states and four subcontrols, which are emergency control, restorative control, corrective control and preventive control. The entire self-healing UPG is controlled by the multiagent system (MAS). The agent system(More)
Large penetration of intermittent renewable energy and complex loads in Active Distribution Network (ADN) has aggravated the fluctuation of voltage and increased power loss. Battery energy storage system (BESS) is a critical device in ADN, which are used to provide active power for the system. However, by connected with the grid using converter, battery has(More)
Considering the periodic load fluctuations of wind turbine caused by wind shear and tower shadow, the individual pitch control strategy is proposed in this paper. According to the wind model of wind shear and tower shadow, the individual pitch control based on azimuth angle and load feedback is discussed, the blade flapwise load feedback is superimposed on(More)
This paper adopts an adaptive inertial weight particle swarm optimization (AIWPSO) algorithm to improve the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capability for photovoltaic (PV) system under partial shading condition. Partial shading is a common phenomenon in PV generation system, it causes imbalance and decreases for output power of PV array. Under partial(More)
This paper estimates the value of priority admission to primary schools with different academic reputations. For identification, it exploits a balloting rule governing primary one registration in Singapore. The rule creates a discontinuous change in admission probability at fixed distances from schools, in neighborhoods where government policies prevent(More)
Parameter error affects the quality of state estimation and the application of other senior software in energy management system (EMS). When there are multiple bad data of remote measurement and parameter errors, it is important to ensure the effectiveness of state estimation. This paper proposes an effective and practical parameter error identification(More)
In order to realize the real time tracking and prediction of ultra-short term power of PV power station, according to the actual monitoring data of the photovoltaic power station, an ultra-short term power forecasting model based on autoregressive moving average (ARIMA) and support vector regression (SVR) is established in this paper. The ARIMA model has(More)