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Vertically aligned ZnO/CdTe core-shell nanocable arrays-on-indium tin oxide (ITO) are fabricated by electrochemical deposition of CdTe on ZnO nanorod arrays in an electrolyte close to neutral pH. By adjusting the total charge quantity applied during deposition, the CdTe shell thickness can be tuned from several tens to hundreds of nanometers. The CdTe(More)
Large-scale CdSe nanotube arrays on indium tin oxide (ITO) glass have been synthesized using ZnO nanorod template. The strong visible light absorption in CdSe, its excellent photoresponse, and the large surface area associated with the tubular morphology lead to good visible light-driven photocatalytic capability of these nanotube arrays. Compared to(More)
Large-scale Au nanotube arrays on ITO/glass with tunable inner diameters and wall thicknesses were fabricated via a CdSe nanotube array templating method. The initial tubular morphology of the CdSe-nanotube template was maintained during the synthesis, while the composition was converted from CdSe to Au. The obtained Au nanotube arrays showed two surface(More)
Department of Physics, The Chinese Univers Hong Kong. E-mail: liquan@phy.cuhk.edu.h State Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic M Province Key Laboratory of Display Materia Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guang † Electronic supplementary information ( optical and SERS properties of Au n nanowire arrays; SERS spectra of Au-sput calculation details of the(More)
Cu2ZnGeS4 (CZGS) and Cu2ZnGeSe4 (CZGSe) single crystalline nanowire arrays have been prepared via a convenient one-step nanoconfined solvothermal approach. The porous anodic aluminum oxide was used as a morphology directing template by offering nanospace in the AAO pores for confined solvothermal reaction. The structure, morphology, composition, and optical(More)
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