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A neutron multiplicity analysis method for uranium samples with liquid scintillators
Abstract A new neutron multiplicity analysis method for uranium samples with liquid scintillators is introduced. An active well-type fast neutron multiplicity counter has been built, which consistsExpand
Dynamic behavior in fast burst reactor with three-dimensional coupled multiphysics method
Abstract In this paper, the neutronic and thermoelastic behaviors of prompt supercritical bursts in the fast burst reactor are numerically studied by developing a 3D coupled multiphysics FEM (finiteExpand
Investigations of reactivity worth measurement in a fast neutron reactor with the inverse kinetics method
A new method for the measurement of sample reactivity worth in a fast neutron reactor named the inverse kinetics method is proposed in the paper. The sample reactivity worth could be obtained byExpand
Effects of alpha particle and gamma irradiation on the 1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadiene wavelength shifter
Abstract 1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadiene (TPB) is an organic wavelength-shifting (WLS) material, which can down-convert wavelength from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) region to blue-visible region. WhenExpand
A 235U mass measurement method for UO2 rod assembly based on the n/γ joint measurement system
Abstract Fast-Neutron Multiplicity Counter based on Liquid Scintillator Detector can directly measure the fast neutron multiplicity emitted by UO2 rod. HPGe gamma spectrometer; which has superiorExpand
Measurements of effective delayed neutron fraction in a fast neutron reactor using the perturbation method
A perturbation method is proposed to obtain the effective delayed neutron fraction β eff of a cylindrical highly enriched uranium reactor. Based on reactivity measurements with and without a sampleExpand
Measurement of Prompt Neutron Decay Constant of CFBR-II at Near Delayed Criticality Using Randomly Pulsed Neutron Method
Prompt neutron decay constant of CFBR-II (China’s Fast Burst Reactor) was measured by the randomly pulsed neutron method when the reactor was at the reactivity of −0.1$. A liquid scintillationExpand