Haohao Song

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In the contourlet transform (CT), the Laplacian pyramid (LP) decomposes an image into a low-frequency (LF) subband and a high-frequency (HF) subband. The LF subband is created by filtering the original image with 2-D low-pass filter. However, the HF subband is created by subtracting the synthesized LF subband from the original image but not by 2-D high-pass(More)
Recent studies show that wavelet-based image fusion methods provide a high spectral quality in fused satellite images. However, images fused by most wavelet-based methods have less spatial resolution because the critical downsampling is included in the wavelet transform. We propose a useful fusion method based on contourlet and local average gradient ͑LAG͒(More)
A new postprocessing method based on adjusted contourlet transform is introduced in this paper for suppressing blocking artifacts (BA) in block-based discrete cosine transform (BDCT) compressed images. To our best knowledge, this is the first time contourlet is applied to this field. By exploiting scale space edge detector (ss-edge detector), our algorithm(More)
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