Haohao Song

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In the contourlet transform (CT), the Laplacian pyramid (LP) decomposes an image into a low-frequency (LF) subband and a high-frequency (HF) subband. The LF subband is created by filtering the original image with 2-D low-pass filter. However, the HF subband is created by subtracting the synthesized LF subband from the original image but not by 2-D high-pass(More)
A novel semi-fragile image watermarking scheme based on wavelet is presented in this paper. The original image is first transformed into wavelet domain. The image features are subsequently generated from the lowest-frequency subband as embedded watermark by the condition judgment based on the mean value. Lastly, the watermark is embedded into the(More)
In this paper, we propose a curvelet based adaptive watermarking for images (CvAWI). A image is firstly transformed into curvelet domain; the watermark is embedded into the curvelet coefficients of the middle-frequency subbands of image lastly. On the one hand, the embedded watermark is well invisible because contrast sensitivity function and watermark(More)
Foreground object extraction, which aims to accurately separate a foreground object from its background in still images, plays an important role in many computer vision applications. An interactive object extraction method by extending the graph cut approach is presented in this paper. The coarse-to-fine object segmentation method makes it efficiently to(More)
A new postprocessing method based on adjusted contourlet transform is introduced in this paper for suppressing blocking artifacts (BA) in block-based discrete cosine transform (BDCT) compressed images. To our best knowledge, this is the first time contourlet is applied to this field. By exploiting scale space edge detector (ss-edge detector), our algorithm(More)
This article reports a quantitative analysis software system for myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE). It can measure the signal intensity of grayscale images and power Doppler images, draw the time-intensity curves of variations on the intensity of microbubbles scattering in subendocardial layer and subepicardial layer with the pulsing intervals, and(More)
A new postprocessing method based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform is introduced in this paper for suppressing additive Gaussian Noise (AWGN) in images. By transforming the noised image into nonsubsampled contourlet domain, the lowest-frequency subband is filtered by wiener filter firstly. According to the adaptive thresholds, the contourlet(More)