Haofei Xiong

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Interleukin (IL)-17 is a member of a novel family of proinflammatory cytokines produced almost exclusively by a newly recognized subclass of activated T cells called "Th17" cells. From an endodontic perspective, IL-17 potently regulates cells of the innate immune system, serving as an important bridging molecule between the adaptive and innate immune(More)
Interleukin (IL)-23 is an essential cytokine involved in the expansion of a novel CD4(+) T helper subset known as Th17, which has been implicated in the pathogenesis of periodontitis recently. This study hypothesised that Th17 signature cytokine IL-17 may target specialised human periodontal ligament fibroblasts (hPDLFs) for production of IL-23 p19, a key(More)
PURPOSE This study was conducted to measure the boundary-lubricating ability and lubricin concentration of synovial fluid (SF) from patients with different stages of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) and establish relationships between them. PATIENTS AND METHODS According to the imaging and clinical findings, TMD patients were divided into 3(More)
The aim of the research was to evaluate the impact of an estrogen-deficient state and alendronate (ALD) therapy on bone loss resulting from experimental periapical lesions in rats. Periapical lesions were induced on ovariectomized (OVX) and sham-ovariectomized (Sham) rats. After sample preparation, histologic and radiographic examination for periapical bone(More)
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