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Network meta-analysis (NMA) expands the scope of a conventional pairwise meta-analysis to simultaneously handle multiple treatment comparisons. However, some trials may appear to deviate markedly from the others and thus be inappropriate to be synthesized in the NMA. In addition, the inclusion of these trials in evidence synthesis may lead to bias in(More)
Availability of individual patient-level data (IPD) broadens the scope of network meta-analysis (NMA) and enables us to incorporate patient-level information. Although IPD is a potential gold mine in biomedical areas, methodological development has been slow owing to limited access to such data. In this paper, we propose a Bayesian IPD NMA modeling(More)
Multiple types of heterogeneity, such as label heterogeneity and feature heterogeneity, often co-exist in many real-world data mining applications, such as news article categorization, gene functionality prediction. To effectively leverage such heterogeneity, in this paper, we propose a novel graph-based framework for Learning with both Label and Feature(More)
Meta-analysis has become an acceptable and powerful tool for pooling quantitative results from multiple studies addressing the same question. It estimates the effect difference between two treatments when they have been compared head-to-head. However, limitations occur when there are more than two treatments of interest, and some of them have not been(More)
Drug delivery devices are required to have excellent technical specifications to deliver drugs accurately, and in addition, the devices should provide a satisfactory experience to patients because this can have a direct effect on drug compliance. To compare patients' experience with two devices, cross-over studies with patient-reported outcomes (PRO) as(More)
Insul in pens deliver accurate doses, which are important for children who require low doses and are at risk for hypoglycemia. 1 Reusable insulin pens that deliver insulin in half-unit (U) increments include HumaPen ® Luxura™ HD (Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN; insulin lispro injection, 0.5 to 30 units; Pen A) and NovoPen ® Junior (Novo Nordisk(More)
Multiple types of heterogeneity including label heterogeneity and feature heterogeneity often co-exist in many real-world data mining applications, such as diabetes treatment classification, gene functionality prediction, and brain image analysis. To effectively leverage such heterogeneity, in this article, we propose a novel graph-based model for Learning(More)
We describe and evaluate a regression tree algorithm for finding subgroups with differential treatments effects in randomized trials with multivariate outcomes. The data may contain missing values in the outcomes and covariates, and the treatment variable is not limited to two levels. Simulation results show that the regression tree models have unbiased(More)
INTRODUCTION American Diabetes Association consensus guidelines emphasize individualized treatment in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Early glycemic response is a clinical marker that may predict longer term efficacy for individual patients and provide a clinical tool to enhance personalized treatment. This analysis evaluated whether(More)