Haochuan Zhang

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—A massive multiuser multiple-input–multiple-output (MU-MIMO) system working at millimeter-wave frequencies is a new concept that has appeared in recent years. In such systems, the sparsity of the beamspace channel matrix makes the channel rank reduction and limited feedback realizable. Based on these preferable features, this paper introduces two kinds of(More)
The complex central semi-correlated Wishart matrix is the product of a zero-mean row-wise correlated (or columnwise correlated) complex Gaussian matrix and its Hermitian transposition. In this paper, we investigate the distribution of the smallest eigenvalue of the Wishart matrix, which is generated from the square Gaussian matrix. A closed-form expression(More)
This paper presents a general expression for the marginal distributions of the ordered eigenvalues of certain important random matrices. The expression, given in terms of matrix determinants, is compacter in representation and more efficient in computational complexity than existing results in the literature. As an illustrative application of the new(More)
In this paper, we investigate the performance of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multi-channel beamforming (MB) systems in double-scattering channels. In particular, we first derive new expressions for the marginal ordered eigen-value distributions of the double-scattering channel matrices. Based on these results, we present analytical expressions for(More)
The testicular yolk sac tumor (TYST) is the most common neoplasm originated from germ cells differentiated abnormally, a major part of pediatric malignant testicular tumors. The present study aimed at developing and validating the in vitro and vivo models of TYST and evaluating the sensitivity of TYST to treatments, by cloning human TYST cells and(More)