Haocheng Wang

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Data are inherently uncertain in most applications. Uncertainty is encountered when an experiment such as sampling is to proceed, the result of which is not known to us while leading to variety of potential outcomes. With the rapid developments of data collection and distribution storage technologies, big data have become a bigger-than-ever problem. And(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet, many researchers have been focused on ontology knowledge bases updating. Ontology population has played an important role in updating ontology knowledge bases. However, most domestic and foreign scholars focus on the process of ontology population, while neglecting how to detect and eliminate redundant instances(More)
The bootstrap provides a simple and powerful means of improving the accuracy of clustering. However, for today's increasingly large datasets, the computation of bootstrap-based quantities can be prohibitively demanding. In this paper we introduce the Bag of Little Bootstraps Clustering (BLBC), a new procedure which utilizes the Bag of Little Bootstraps(More)
Overtrading is a common anomaly among stock investors. This study examines the relationship between overtrading and investment returns and the impact of the Big Five traits and gender on overtrading in a unilateral trend stock market using a simulated stock investment system. The data were derived from a sample of undergraduates from six universities who(More)
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