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Nucleosome contact triggers conformational changes of Rpd3S driving high-affinity H3K36me nucleosome engagement.
The Rpd3S histone deacetylase complex utilizes two subunits, Eaf3 and Rco1, to recognize nucleosomes methylated at H3K36 (H3K36me) with high affinity and strong specificity. However, the chromobarrelExpand
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Combinatorial Histone Readout by the Dual Plant Homeodomain (PHD) Fingers of Rco1 Mediates Rpd3S Chromatin Recruitment and the Maintenance of Transcriptional Fidelity*
The plant homeodomain (PHD) finger is found in many chromatin-associated proteins and functions to recruit effector proteins to chromatin through its ability to bind both methylated and unmethylatedExpand
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Homodimeric PHD Domain-containing Rco1 Subunit Constitutes a Critical Interaction Hub within the Rpd3S Histone Deacetylase Complex*
Recognition of histone post-translational modifications is pivotal for directing chromatin-modifying enzymes to specific genomic regions and regulating their activities. Emerging evidence suggestsExpand
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