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Uniform urchin-like α-FeOOH hollow spheres assembled from nanoneedles have been synthesized via a facile and green one-pot method. By simply adjusting the amount of glycerol in the reaction system, hierarchical urchin-like α-FeOOH solid spheres or hollow spheres can be obtained. When evaluated for the potential use in water treatment, it is found that the(More)
Hollow nanostructures represent a unique class of functional nanomaterials with many applications. In this work, a one-pot and unusual "pumpkin-carving" protocol is demonstrated for engineering mesoporous single-crystal hollow structures with multilevel interiors. Single-crystal CoSn(OH)6 nanoboxes with uniform size and porous shell are synthesized by fast(More)
The one-step synthesis method of nitrogen doped microporous carbon monoliths derived from biomass with high-efficiency is developed using a novel ammonia (NH3)-assisted activation process, where NH3 serves as both activating agent and nitrogen source. Both pore forming and nitrogen doping simultaneously proceed during the process, obviously superior to(More)
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