Haobijam Johnson Singh

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We study the motion of a ferromagnetic helical nanostructure under the action of a rotating magnetic field. A variety of dynamical configurations were observed that depended strongly on the direction of magnetization and the geometrical parameters, which were also confirmed by a theoretical model, based on the dynamics of a rigid body under Stokes flow.(More)
Fabrication: The SiO2 helical films were fabricated in a commercial Glancing Angle Deposition System equipped with electron beam evaporation and thermal evaporation. We have also experimented with other dielectrics, such as MgF2 and TiO2, and although the results differ in details, the general conclusions of this manuscript remain the same. A glass(More)
Combining oblique angle deposition with standard graphene transfer protocols, two planar arrays of metal nanoparticles are fabricated that are vertically separated by atomic dimensions, corresponding precisely to the thickness of a single layer of graphene, i.e., 0.34 nm. Upon illumination of light at an appropriate wavelength, the local electromagnetic(More)
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