Hao-chuan Zhang

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Sparganosis is an infection with a parasitic tapeworm larva that occurs by eating infected foods or drinking contaminated water. The larvae can migrate to a tissue or muscle in the chest, abdominal wall, extremities, eyes, brain, urinary tract, pleura, pericardium, spinal canal, or scrotum. Herein, we report a 5-month old infant with scrotal sparganosis who(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of matrine (MAT) on the proliferation of human ovary malignant teratoma cell line PA-1 in vitro. METHODS PA-1 cells allocated in different groups were treated with different concentrations (0.25 mg/mL, 0.5 mg/mL and 1.0 mg/mL) of MAT. The inhibitory effect of MAT and its dose- and time-effect relationship were detected with(More)
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