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Electric Power Steering (EPS) is a full electric system, which reduces the amount of steering effort by directly applying the output from an electric motor to the steering system. In this paper, the constitutions and its operational mechanism of electric power steering system, and the construction and the equivalent circuit of the DC motor used in EPS were(More)
In this study, a new Electric Power Steering(EPS) control strategy based on feedback of vehicle yaw rate and lateral acceleration was investigated for the improvement of vehicle steering stability and increase of vehicle dynamic performance. An integrated control model based on EPS system model including steering resistance torque and full-car 3(More)
In this paper, the Mu control method is employed to design controller for improved performance and robustness of electronic stability program system. The vehicles always undertake various effects including external disturbances, moreover, the vehicle control system has model errors in fact. The primary design techniques for electronic stability program(More)
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