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It is well known that IEEE 802.11 provides a physical layer multirate capability and, hence, MAC layer mechanisms are needed to exploit this capability. Several solutions have been proposed to achieve this goal. However, these solutions only consider how to exploit good channel quality for the direct link between the sender and the receiver. Since IEEE(More)
Solving linear regression problems based on the total least-squares (TLS) criterion has well-documented merits in various applications, where perturbations appear both in the data vector as well as in the regression matrix. However, existing TLS approaches do not account for sparsity possibly present in the unknown vector of regression coefficients. On the(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are going to be an important communication infrastructure in our life. Because of high mobility and frequent link disconnection, it becomes quite challenging to establish a robust multi-hop path that helps packet delivery from the source to the destination. This paper presents a multi-hop routing protocol, called MURU that(More)
The number of active users in code-division multiple access (CDMA) systems is often much lower than the spreading gain. The present paper exploits fruitfully this a priori information to improve performance of multiuser detectors. A lowactivity factor manifests itself in a sparse symbol vector with entries drawn from a finite alphabet that is augmented by(More)
Fast and accurate unveiling of power-line outages is of paramount importance not only for preventing faults that may lead to blackouts, but also for routine monitoring and control tasks of the smart grid, including state estimation and optimal power flow. Existing approaches are either challenged by the combinatorial complexity issues involved and are thus(More)
BACKGROUND Overall HIV mortality rates in China have not been reported. In this analysis we assess overall mortality in treatment-eligible adults with HIV and attempt to identify risk factors for HIV-related mortality. METHODS We used data from the national HIV epidemiology and treatment databases to identify individuals aged 15 years or older with HIV(More)
Optimal power flow (OPF) is considered for microgrids, with the objective of minimizing either the power distribution losses, or, the cost of power drawn from the substation and supplied by distributed generation (DG) units, while effecting voltage regulation. The microgrid is unbalanced, due to unequal loads in each phase and non-equilateral conductor(More)
Average log-likelihood ratios (LLRs) constitute sufficient statistics for centralized maximum-likelihood block decoding as well as for <i>a</i> <i>posteriori</i> probability evaluation which enables bit-wise (possibly iterative) decoding. By acquiring such average LLRs per sensor it becomes possible to perform these decoding tasks in a low-complexity(More)
This paper deals with distributed demodulation of space-time transmissions of a common message from a multiantenna access point (AP) to a wireless sensor network. Based on local message exchanges with single-hop neighboring sensors, two algorithms are developed for distributed demodulation. In the first algorithm, sensors consent on the estimated symbols.(More)
Few quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) studies have successfully modeled large, diverse rodent toxicity end points. In this study, a comprehensive data set of 7385 compounds with their most conservative lethal dose (LD(50)) values has been compiled. A combinatorial QSAR approach has been employed to develop robust and predictive models of(More)