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To improve software productivity, when constructing new software systems, programmers often reuse existing libraries or frameworks by invoking methods provided in their APIs. Those API methods, however, are often complex and not well documented. To get familiar with how those API methods are used, programmers often exploit a source code search tool to(More)
Typically, software libraries provide API documentation, through which developers can learn how to use libraries correctly. However, developers may still write code inconsistent with API documentation and thus introduce bugs, as existing research shows that many developers are reluctant to carefully read API documentation. To find those bugs, researchers(More)
— This paper presents a joint low-density parity-check (LDPC) code-encoder-decoder design approach, called Block-LDPC, for practical LDPC coding system implementations. The key idea is to construct LDPC codes subject to certain hardware-oriented constraints that ensure the effective encoder and decoder hardware implementations. We develop a set of(More)
As a test suite usually contains redundancy, a subset of the test suite (representative set) may still satisfy all the test objectives. As the redundancy increases the cost of executing the test suite, many test suite reduction techniques have been brought out in spite of the NP-completeness of the general problem of finding the optimal representative set(More)
API libraries are becoming increasingly popular in modern software industries because these libraries provide various methods and classes for reuse. However, as pointed out by researchers, libraries are typically difficult to use. It is desirable to infer some specifications for libraries so that programmers can learn the correct usages of these libraries.(More)
The HUB-CI model is investigated in a telerobotic system in a client/server network to manage the lifecycle of engineering design and prototyping. The purpose of this platform is to support collaborative engineering design and proof of concept to enhance distributed team collaboration and resource utilization. The suggested platform is exemplified in two(More)
To address business requirements and to survive in competing markets, companies or open source organizations often have to release different versions of their projects in different languages. Manually migrating projects from one language to another (such as from Java to C#) is a tedious and error-prone task. To reduce manual effort or human errors, tools(More)
Application Programming Interface (API) documents are a typical way of describing legal usage of reusable software libraries, thus facilitating software reuse. However, even with such documents, developers often overlook some documents and build software systems that are inconsistent with the legal usage of those libraries. Existing software verification(More)