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This paper presents an innovative application of an industrial finishing robot for polishing distorted 3D turbine airfoils. It discusses the system concept and approach. Key technological modules have been developed to overcome the part distortions and part-to-part variations. Passive Compliant Tool (PCT) heads achieves optimum force and compliance control.(More)
With broader availability of large-scale 3D model repositories, the need for efficient and effective exploration becomes more and more urgent. Existing model retrieval techniques do not scale well with the size of the database since often a large number of very similar objects are returned for a query, and the possibilities to refine the search are quite(More)
Previous works on image completion typically aim to produce visually plausible results rather than factually correct ones. In this paper, we propose an approach to faithfully complete the missing regions of an image. We assume that the input image is taken at a well-known landmark, so similar images taken at the same location can be easily found on the(More)
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to simultaneously accomplish color quantization and dithering of images. This is achieved by minimizing a perception-based cost function, which considers pixel-wise differences between filtered versions of the quantized image and the input image. We use edge aware filters in defining the cost function to avoid(More)
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