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XML filtering systems aim to provide fast, on-the-fly matching of XML-encoded data to large numbers of query specifications containing constraints on both structure and content. It is now well accepted that approaches using event-based parsing and Finite State Machines (FSMs) can provide the basis for highly scalable structure-oriented XML filtering(More)
We present a new collection of treebanks with homogeneous syntactic dependency annotation for six languages: German, English, Swedish, Spanish, French and Korean. To show the usefulness of such a resource, we present a case study of crosslingual transfer parsing with more reliable evaluation than has been possible before. This ‘universal’ treebank is made(More)
It is widely accepted that addictive drug use is related to abnormal functional organization in the user's brain. The present study aimed to identify this type of abnormality within the brain networks implicated in addiction by resting-state functional connectivity measured with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). With fMRI data acquired during(More)
Tolerance and metal uptake are two essential characteristics required for phytoextraction of metals from contaminated soils. We compared tolerance and Cu uptake of Elsholtzia splendens (reported previously to be a Cu hyperaccumulator) with Silene vulgaris (the Imsbach population, a well-known Cu-tolerant excluder species), using 30 soils varying widely in(More)
The ability of the Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT) technique and two other established testing methods (Colwell, resin) to predict wheat responsiveness to applied P from 35 field trials across southern Australia was investigated. Regression analysis of relative early dry matter production and grain yield responses demonstrated that the DGT method(More)
MOTIVATION The boost of next-generation sequencing technologies provides us with an unprecedented opportunity for elucidating genetic mysteries, yet the short-read length hinders us from better assembling the genome from scratch. New protocols now exist that can generate overlapping pair-end reads. By joining the 3' ends of each read pair, one is able to(More)
Risk assessments of metal contaminated soils need to address metal bioavailability. To predict the bioavailability of metals to plants, it is necessary to understand both solution and solid phase supply processes in soils. In striving to find surrogate chemical measurements, scientists have focused either on soil solution chemistry, including free ion(More)
A large number of Fusarium isolates was collected from blighted wheat spikes originating from 175 sampling sites, covering 15 provinces in China. Species and trichothecene chemotype determination by multilocus genotyping (MLGT) indicated that F. graminearum s. str. with the 15-acetyl deoxynivalenol (15ADON) chemotype and F. asiaticum with either the(More)
MOTIVATION Receptor-ligand interactions play an important role in controlling many biological systems. One prominent example is the binding of peptides to the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules controlling the onset of cellular immune responses. Thousands of MHC allelic versions exist, making determination of the binding specificity for each(More)
The emerging technique of DGT (diffusive gradients in thin films) is shown to be capable of performing new speciation measurements in situ in natural waters. In DGT, metals are bound to a resin layer after passing through a well-defined diffusion layer. Cd was measured in solutions containing glycine, EDTA, and fulvic (FA) and humic acids (HA) by atomic(More)