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P25-graphene composite as a high performance photocatalyst.
A chemically bonded TiO(2) (P25)-graphene nanocomposite photocatalyst with graphene oxide and P25, using a facile one-step hydrothermal method could provide new insights into the fabrication of a TiO (2)-carbon composite as high performance photocatalysts and facilitate their application in the environmental protection issues. Expand
Diffusion coefficients of metals and metal complexes in hydrogels used in diffusive gradients in thin films.
Diffusion coefficients of metal ions and metal–ligand complexes in hydrogels were measured at ionic strengths of 0.1–100 mmol L−1 using a diffusion cell. The three different types of hydrogel wereExpand
Temporal stability analysis of surface and subsurface soil moisture for a transect in artificial revegetation desert area, China
Summary Temporal stability analysis is a statistical approach for describing the persistence of spatial patterns and characteristic behavior of soil moisture. Using temporal stability method, weExpand
High-resolution pore-water sampling with a gel sampler
Sediment pore-water profiles were sampled at high resolution (millimeter scale) with a polyacrylamide gel probe. This simple procedure involves inserting a 1-mm-thick gel held in a plastic probe intoExpand
Controllable disorder engineering in oxygen-incorporated MoS2 ultrathin nanosheets for efficient hydrogen evolution.
This work demonstrates the successfully synergistic regulations of both structural and electronic benefits by controllable disorder engineering and simultaneous oxygen incorporation in MoS2 catalysts, leading to the dramatically enhanced HER activity. Expand
Effect of air pollution on the total bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in different sizes of particulate matter.
This study of the pathogenic bacteria in airborne PM samples can provide a reference for environmental and public health researchers. Expand
Susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to weak acids.
M. tuberculosis was found to be more susceptible to acid pH and weak acids than M. smegmatis and the antituberculous activity of weak acids correlated with their ability to disrupt the membrane potential but not the internal pH. Expand
Effects and Mechanism of Atmospheric-Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cold Plasma on Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Enzyme
By comparing direct and indirect plasma treatments, plasma-induced LDH inactivation can be attributed to reactive species in the plasma, especially ones with a long lifetime including hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and nitrate ion which play the major role in the alteration of the macromolecular structure and molecular diameter in lieu of heat, UV radiation, and charged particles. Expand
CsPbxMn1-xCl3 Perovskite Quantum Dots with High Mn Substitution Ratio.
This work demonstrates the partial replacement of Pb with Mn through phosphine-free hot-injection preparation of CsPbxMn1-xCl3 QDs in colloidal solution, which greatly enhances the photoluminescence quantum yields of C sPbCl3 from 5 to 54%. Expand
A novel fluorescent nanosensor for detection of heparin and heparinase based on CuInS2 quantum dots.
The proposed nanosensor was employed for the detection of heparin in fetal bovine serum samples with satisfactory results and could be achieved by monitoring the fluorescence "turn off-on". Expand